Hardie Plank Siding Installation Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia encompasses a diverse range of neighborhoods and communities, each with its own unique housing styles. Many parts of Northern Virginia have a mix of older and newer homes with some older homes dating back to the early 20th century or earlier. One easy way to update an older home is to install beautiful and durable HardiePlank siding. 

HardiePlank siding, also known as Hardie board or fiber cement siding, is an incredibly popular type of exterior siding in Leesburg, Ashburn, Loudoun, and Fairfax neighborhoods, and for good reason! 

HardiePlank siding is incredibly durable and resistant to various elements such as moisture, rot, fire, insects, and harsh weather conditions…. All of which are common in the northern Virginia area. 

Additionally, compared to some other siding materials, HardiePlank requires relatively low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be painted frequently, and its color tends to hold up well over time.

Why Customers Choose HardiePlank Siding?

  1. Hardie siding is consistently rated #1 when it comes to return on investment.
  2. Developed with all climates in mind, Hardie siding does well in both hot dry climates and wet cold climates.
  3. Don’t limit you design vision! When it comes to design the options with Hardie siding are limitless. There are 23 standard colors that you can combine with the variety of siding and trim options to give homeowners the opportunity to create a one of a kind look.
  4. Hardie siding is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.
  5. Flying debris, hail, and falling limbs can easily puncture vinyl siding. James Hardie Siding can withstand warping, rotting, cracking, breaking, and winds that reach over hundred miles per hour for whatever weather your Northern Virginia home is subjected to.
  6. Thick fiber cement is hardy and durable. Premium vinyl siding is only 5/100″ thick. Jamie Hardie Siding is a full 5/16” thick, which supplies more protection and durability.
  7. Increase your home’s curb appeal. Whenever a lower grade of vinyl siding emulates the look of wood siding, it can fall a little bit short. James Hardie Siding is notorious for a more realistic and high-quality look and feel for homes.

Installation of HardiePlank siding:

Installation of HardiePlank siding requires expertise and precision to ensure proper installation and sealing to prevent moisture intrusion. The team at Care Contracting are certified contractors with extensive experience installing fiber cement siding. 

Pre-Install Preparation:

First, ensure the surface where the siding is being installed is clean, dry, and smooth. Additionally, to prevent any water intrusion we recommend installing flashing around windows, doors, and corners.


Our team of experts know the right materials and amounts to ensure a smooth installation process. Many DIY homeowners can waste time and materials by either mis-measuring or cutting incorrectly. After installing the starter strip we begin at one corner of a wall and work our way across, making sure all siding is level along the way.

Post Installation:

Once all siding and trim are installed, we caulk any gaps or joints to prevent water infiltration. We also, paint and prime the siding as needed. Lastly, we remove any debris and leave the work area cleaner then when we first arrived!

Why Care Contracting? 

At Care Contracting we care about the full circle experience for our customers from the initial conversation to years after a project is completed. See below what some of our customers have to say about us!

The Sales Process:

“First, the sales process was a breeze. Their representative was very knowledgeable and genuinely caring about my needs. They took the time to understand exactly what I wanted and provided a comprehensive proposal that was competitive & fair.”

The Planning Process:

“The planning phase was equally impressive. CARE Contracting demonstrated their commitment to excellence by meticulously planning every aspect of the project. They ensured that the materials would be top-notch and the installation crew would have everything they needed to do their best work.”

The Installation Process:

“Now, let’s talk about the installation crew – WOW! These individuals were an absolute dream to work with. They were not only skilled professionals but also incredibly polite and respectful. Communication was flawless throughout the installation process. They kept me informed every step of the way and even took the time to answer all my questions.”

The Timeline:

“Speed is another area where CARE Contracting excelled. They worked efficiently without compromising on quality. I was amazed at how quickly they transformed my home with the new doors and windows. It was clear that they take pride in their work and have a passion for what they do.”

Post Installation:

“In the end, the follow-up was the icing on the cake. CARE Contracting didn’t just complete the installation and disappear. They made sure I was completely satisfied with the results and addressed any minor concerns I had promptly. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable…I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their home.”

Learn more about the process, timeline, and costs in a hassle-free consultation with expert Chris Bazow. https://carecontracting.com/siding/


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