Are You Paying More For the Exact Same Thing?

You deserve to know the truth about what you are buying.

Did you know that most contractors receive their products from the same manufacturing companies, yet the cost can vary with hundreds of dollars of difference between pricing for the exact same product?

You can count on Care Contracting to be 100% up front and honest about what you receive when you purchase from us.

When you use Care Contracting to provide materials for your home, you are trusting us with a lot, and we recognize the weight of it! We do not always refer you to the most expensive options. Instead, we look at all of the options and pick the most effective route for you to reach your goals, not ours.

In this blog post we are going to give you a little insider advice to help you get the most window for your dollar.

1. Make sure you need the upgrades

Most contractors will try to upsell you on your purchases. For example, window companies will try and sell you all of the most expensive energy-saving upgrades. We suggest that you consider all factors before making a decision. In this case, you should consider your climate and whether or not the windows face the sun. While Low-E coating does make a huge difference for your energy bill, there are several different types and you want to make sure you choose the one that will truly make a difference for you and your home.

2. Stay practical

It can be tempting to settle for the cheapest option, but don’t rush into any decision! Spend your money where it makes sense. If you would like to have low maintenance siding, invest in that. If you want a sliding door, invest in that. Keep in mind that you may want to sell your house someday and ease of use and quality of materials is a major selling point for the future.

3. Buy from a company with credibility

We will not hesitate to tell you that the company you work with makes all the difference. If you buy your materials from someone who is going to try to get the biggest sale, you will spend more money… period. Make sure you choose a company who is interested in doing the best job possible and has your best interests in mind. Care Contracting is committed to providing you with the best options for the best price… always.

We hope this advice is helpful to you as you continue shopping! Don’t rush into any decisions and be sure to prioritize the aspects of your home that are most important to you. If you take your time and do the research, you’re sure to be happier in the end.